New Report From Internal Watchdog Estimates Photo Day Delays to Last Until 2025

Ministries provide conflicting responses...
By: Ministry of Publishing

Toronto ON - “Don’t expect photo day until at least 2025,” shared an anonymous source from Mackenzie’s Ministry of Scheduling and Delaying during an exclusive interview with the Flounder. When questioned about photo day for new and graduating students, they shared the following:

Most areas of Toronto were still in the grey zone, and grey isn’t even a real colour, so we thought let’s push it until we’re in the red zone. I don’t know about you, but I think red is a pretty ugly colour; therefore, we thought about the blue zone. Obviously blue is fairly controversial, so that just won’t do. At this point, we’re currently in talks with the Ontario government to move towards a more nuanced RGB colour coded system to simplify things. If all goes to plan, we’re hoping to have photo day once we reach the (64, 235, 61) zone, which by our estimates should roll around in 2025.

As a response, Mackenzie’s Ministry of Disapproval disapproved of the plan, claiming “it’s far too ambitious a timeline”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Positive Encouragement praised the ambitious timeline set out by the Ministry of Scheduling and Delaying; although, they could not resist also commending the Ministry of Disapproval for their firm stance on the issue.

“Students aren’t thrilled with the new 2025 target, but they approve of the adept analyses provided by the Ministries,” commented the Ministry of Student Affairs.

This is a developing story. More to come…