Mackenzie Virtual Lockdowns Improves Virtual Class Safety

"Finally student safety is a priority," one virtual student told us.
By: Gniteem Mooz Evael

Toronto ON - On Friday, March 12th, Mackenzie had its first ever virtual lockdown rehearsal. This was in light of recent calls for increased student safety, and will protect students when the school is in crisis.

The High Council of Mackenzie Student Safety put the initiative seamlessly into effect. Virtual Mackenzie students rehearsed turning their lights off, hiding under desks, and sitting for 5 minutes. However, many students’ wifi routers connect to their lights, kicking many out of their virtual classrooms. There was however, the unexpected advantage that any threat in the school would not see virtual students, reducing their chance of serious harm. This data is currently being analyzed by the administration and we expect an email with the results in 6-8 months.

Anyhow, virtual lockdowns protect students from every possible school threat. ”Attackers in the school would have a 0% chance to harm the virtual students,” Toronto Police Services stated. Also, according to a Mackenize data management study, virtual lockdowns also protect students from earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear war, Covid-19, cyberbullying, and many other threats. “One desk sure can do a lot!” says one virtual Mackenzie student.

The high council now ingeniously plans to ban lockdowns. This is in an effort to protect students from Covid-19 as lockdowns always occur when our case counts are highest. “All in all, this was a pretty awesome lockdown drill,” says one Mackenzie student who also experienced wifi issues and was unable to return into class after.