Last Day of School Year Designated as Mental Wellness Day

"There was just no other day to fit it in.
By: Knot Schressed

TORONTO, ON - Today, Mackenzie administrators announced that the last day of the school year would be designated as Mental Wellness Day. The special day will include virtual guided meditation sessions, yoga lessons, gratitude breaks, and GIFs of cute animals.

“We understand that this year has had an extremely negative effect on our students’ mental wellbeing,” said the Mackenzie mental wellness spokesperson. “Mental Wellness Day will help relieve some of the stresses that our students face, especially in regard to the pandemic, online learning, and the quadmester system.”

However, some people have questioned why the last day of the school year was chosen for Mental Wellness Day. In response to these concerns, the spokesperson clarified the administration’s decision.

“With the quadmester system this year, students are very busy. Between all the lessons, tests, quizzes, projects, assignments, and studying that students have to do, we just could not find the time for them to participate in such an event,” explained the spokesperson. “There was just no other day to fit it in.”

No students were available for comment.