Mackenzie Kills Two Birds With One Stone; Fights Climate Change and Gets AC

Student walks inside from the snowy outdoors, "s*** it's cold in here!"
By: Froid Burr

TORONTO ON – On December 1st, William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. installed air conditioners, which run at full blast year round.

This fulfills multiple purposes for the school. First, it uses advanced freezing techniques to fight global warming, a centerpiece of Mackenzie’s genius green thumb.. Second, it revamps the school’s plan of freezing students to purge coronavirus transmission. “Colder than winter, graduated to kill all germs” quote 1/10 dentists. Third, the air conditioning satisfies the calls of the students for AC to make the school more comfortable, as the heat has been a risk to both learning and health.

This initiative, despite these three overpowering benefits, was only possible with the funding granted to Mackenzie as part of the Ontario’s Orange Initiative (green was taken). Each school was given $100,000 in order to achieve a net neutral effect on the environment by 2021.

The school, having procrastinated, was nearing the deadline, but could not concentrate since the school was burning hot. The school deliberated, then finally, regrouped with newfound effort to push the responsibility to the students. The students brainstormed and the rest is history.

While this idea was foolproof, Mackenize’s students are geniuses, which means they were living the fullest in the present and may have been a weensy-bit nearsighted in their idea (this may also be a side effect of the extreme heat). Now, in December, the school is at a frosty -43°C. While the students are quite cold, they are proud of their accomplishment, and are fine with the cold as long as they know it is for a good cause.

“It’s nice to know we’re making a difference,” one student said. “Though maybe we’ll start learning outdoors to avoid the cold”.