TDSB Implements New Supervision Policies for Virtual Classes

"They could be having private conversations!"
By: Bigg Brutther

TORONTO, ON – Today, the Toronto District School Board implemented new supervision policies for virtual classes. The new policies require students to ask to leave the class and acquire a digitally-signed “home pass” before going to the washroom at home. It will also require students to provide schools with remote access to their computers and the installation of cameras outside students’ windows.

“The TDSB has always been a leading innovator in improving the safety and well-being of our students,” said a TDSB spokesperson. “Take, for example, the ‘home pass’ concept, which brings the safety that the hall pass provides into the homes of all our students. Or the cameras looking into students’ homes, which replaces the supervision that is usually provided by hall monitors and school security cameras. These new policies and innovations will help ensure that students are adequately supervised and kept safe at all times, even in a virtual setting.”

The new supervision policies are popular among school staff members who say that close supervision is key to keeping students safe. “How can students be trusted to go to the washroom at home without letting us know?” said a teacher. “They could be having private conversations!”

Some parents however, disapprove of the TDSB’s new policies. “Why is the TDSB encroaching on my children’s right to privacy?” demanded a mother of two. “Only I should be allowed to do that.”

No students could be reached for comment.