An Open Letter

By: Billy

I cannot remember when we first met.

Even so, I can picture our first exchange. The moment we made eye contact. The first words we spoke to each other.

I saw you almost every day for the next 2 years.

But I took your company for granted. Only when the pandemic hit did I realize I never truly knew you.

I didn’t know your favourite colour. Your favourite band. Your favourite food. Who your friends were. If you had pets.

In fact, over the course of these 2 years, through all of our interactions, not once have I called you by your name.

The truth is, I never knew your name.

I sincerely regret taking you for granted. It’s impossible to imagine a lunchtime without your plastic utensils and food. Thank you for all these years of serving as Mackenzie’s cafeteria staff.

Love, Billy