Students Shocked at New Restroom Policy

"We're all pissed"
By: Digg Bumper

Following the summer break, students came back to school to an unforeseen surprise. To promote social distancing, a maximum of five people are allowed inside a restroom at any time.

This poses a dilemma for the entire student body. Entering a fully occupied restroom would break the rule, but without entering, it is impossible to determine if a restroom has five occupants. Students now find restrooms to be the most unapproachable parts of the school.

In order to abide by the rule, students are pushed to drastic measures.

One student responded, “Everytime I use the restroom, I wait until someone leaves before I enter. Once I waited for 30 minutes since there wasn’t anyone in the restroom to begin with.”

Another student added, “Sometimes, I press my ear against the restroom door and count how many flushes I hear. This gives me a good estimate of how many people are inside.”

Concerned students are reaching out to authorities for clarification. Currently, school officials are planning to renovate the school to make restrooms fully transparent. “With this, students can confirm if a restroom is fully occupied without hassle,” a spokesperson explained. Construction is delayed due to COVID-19.