Demand for accounting classes skyrockets after addition of Tax Fraud unit

"I'm so glad that school is finally teaching us something practical."
By: Pierre Amidskeme

TORONTO, ON – Today, the Ministry of Education announced that it would be adding a new Tax Fraud unit to the accounting curriculum. The new unit includes lessons on falsifying loans, inflating expenses, and hiding income, giving students an in-depth look at how tax fraud is committed in Canada.

“Since the tax system is so complicated, we want students to know what not to do when they eventually have to file taxes,” said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education. “The addition of this unit ensures that our students will graduate as responsible and financially literate adults.”

At Mackenzie, the announcement has caused the demand for accounting courses to skyrocket among students. Multiple math and physics teachers have already begun preparations to teach accounting next semester.

“I am super excited to learn about tax fraud next semester. I think it’s very important to know how to commit—I mean avoid—tax fraud.” a Grade 11 student said. “I’m so glad that school is finally teaching us something practical.”