Students adopt alternative optimised study schedule

You can't have disruptions to your study schedule if you don't study at all.
By: May Belatr

Mackenzie’s library was a place for students to have a quiet place to study and do work. But since July, the library’s state of renovation has cost students their primary study spot. Scrambling for alternatives, a select group of Mackenzie students with a stroke of genius has found an excellent solution to their academic concerns. Mackenzie students, being the brightest of bright and the best of the best, have found that not studying at all is the perfect alternative.

A normal day for grade 12 students would look like this: go to school, attend classes, study during lunch, then study again during their spare if they have one. But with this new way of life, high school students are able to engage in some of their favourite activities such as procrastinating, wasting time, but most importantly, sleeping.

These students have reported impressive improvements in different areas of their lives. Benefits have consisted of an extra hour of sleep, up to two extra hours of free time and even five hours of family time every day.

“I now get a whopping three hours of sleep instead of my usual two,” said one student.

“Class averages have dropped by about five percent,” complained one of the teachers. Students rebutted, calling it “a fair trade-off.”

It is expected that students will not be willing to go back to their old ways.

“Hmmmmm, I like this schedule better,” said an anonymous student.