Falling EQAO scores prompt Mackenzie to change school motto

Students plan on "getting the first fifteen correct."
By: Ray Venn
William Lyon Mackenzie's new school crest.

TORONTO, ON – Last year’s disappointing EQAO results have caused province wide changes in how teachers are hired. But here at Mackenzie a different approach is being taken to combat the board-wide trend.

Certain astute returning Mackenzie students noticed that the crest looked a bit different this September, but chose not to say anything to staff members.

“It just seemed like too much work,” says one Grade 12 student.

The administration at Mackenzie when contacted about these changes did not say exactly what this new motto meant but simply that it would boost school scores on the upcoming EQAO assessment as long as students “took the message to heart”.

Some students have raised concerns about the message being “subliminal brainwashing”, but as Latin is not one of the courses offered at Mackenzie nobody can say for sure one way or the other.

Polls conducted by The Flounder revealed that support for this change is highest among grade nine students, but the older grades are indifferent.

One objection raised to changing the school crest was that it wouldn’t have any effect on students since nobody reads the school motto. Distressingly, Flounder correspondents were not able to track down a single Mackenzie student who knew what the old motto was, let alone what it meant.

This new motto appears to be catching on and “Deb ababaab cbdbc” has become somewhat of a rallying cry for grade nine students.